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The Cost of Dementia

The Staggering Costs of Dementia

Most of us know of someone who has been diagnosed with dementia. It is a costly, heart-breaking and life-altering syndrome that is nearly doubling in numbers of people affected worldwide every 20 years. Dementia has affected the likes of Norman Rockwell, Continue reading

If I Have Two Children With Special Needs, Do I Need Two Special Needs Trusts?

Here is an article from my new Special Needs newsletter.

When a family has more than one child with special needs, the last thing it wants is more complexity. At the same time, most families with multiple children with special needs are stretched financially and desperately need Continue reading

Estate Planning Red Flag: Healthcare Directive

A health care directive allows one to communicate their preferences, in advance, for medical care in the event they’re incapacitated. Directives go by different names, including living wills, advance medical directives and directives to physicians.

Estate Planning Red Flag

You haven’t Continue reading

4 Legal Documents To Amend After Your Divorce in Texas

If you’ve gone through a divorce or you are getting ready to file, it’s important to talk to your attorney about the impact it will have on your current estate plan.

It may surprise you to know that, in some states, even if you get a divorce, your ex may still inherit your money and Continue reading



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