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Let’s Talk About Sex: Dementia and the Elderly

Most people do not want to think about,  let alone discuss,  the sexual habits of their parents.  For most people, the elderly are asexual beings.  They do not have physical desires.  However, if forced to look at the issue, all of us will come to the realization that the elderly do have Continue reading

Government Benefits: Why it’s Buyer Beware

If you are a veteran or if you have one in your family, you may be shocked to know that a Government Accounting Office Report to Congress in August of 2013 revealed the following about some who make themselves out to be “advisors” to veterans seeking benefits:

Understanding Social Security Survivor Benefits

Understanding Social Security Survivor Benefits

Survivors Benefits

According to the Social Security Administration, a surviving spouse may be eligible to receive the deceased spouse’s full retirement benefits at full retirement age (“FRA”). For survivor benefits only, FRA is 66 for Continue reading

Joan Rivers Can Help With Difficult End-Of-Life Conversations

Our mortality is often very difficult for us to discuss even with the people who need to know our wishes the most.   Too often I see clients who think that estate planning means they are just dealing with who gets their stuff when they die.  Who gets what when is just one aspect of Continue reading

Estate Planning for the Young and Affluent

How can young, affluent people plan their estates when the tax landscape may look dramatically different 20, 30 or 40 years from now? Today, the current gift and estate tax exemption is high and the estate tax rate slightly higher than the income tax rate — but that could change in Continue reading

The Cost of Dementia

The Staggering Costs of Dementia


Most of us know of someone who has been diagnosed with dementia. It is a costly, heart-breaking and life-altering syndrome that is nearly doubling in numbers of people affected worldwide every 20 years. Dementia has affected the likes of Norman Rockwell, Continue reading

Elder Abuse Awareness: Not Dead Yet Urges Elder Abuse Professionals to Speak Out Against Risks of Legalizing Assisted Suicide – Press Release – Digital Journal

The elderly and disabled are prime targets for abuse.  The sad truth is that the abuse usually comes at the hands of a family member.  If you care about someone who is elderly or disabled this article might be of interest to you.  Eventhough assisted suicide isn’t legal in Texas, Continue reading



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