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Estate Planning 101: Protecting Your Assets,
Your Privacy, And Your Loved Ones

“Given the unsettled nature of the law, it’s more important than ever to have an Estate Plan that’s flexible enough to allow for all possibilities.”

 – Antoinette Bone, Estate Planning 101: Protecting Your Assets, Your Privacy, And Your Loved Ones



Estate Planning is more than just about death and taxes – it’s about planning for the living. It’s taking care of yourself and the people who matter most in the event you are no longer able to and so much more. My Estate Planning Guide is your comprehensive resource about what Estate Planning is and how it can benefit you and your family. Because it’s never too early to begin laying down your legacy or a plan to protect and help your loved ones through a profoundly difficult time in their lives.

Tomorrow Is Not Promised…

We’ve all heard stories – or maybe even witnessed: families distressed over the care of an incapacitated loved one; children ending up in the foster care system after tragically losing their parents; estranged family members laying claim to assets meant for those who maintained a relationship with the deceased; family inheritance becoming part of divorce settlements; plus, other less-than-ideal scenarios of what can happen to a person’s hard-earned assets when they are no longer around.

Unfortunately, these are not just stories. These are very real situations and do happen in real life. No one knows what the future holds – but you can plan to care for and protect yourself and your loved ones with an Estate Plan. It all begins by educating yourself on the fundamentals of Estate Planning.

  • Keep assets within your family or circle of beneficiaries.
  • Protect your hard-earned assets from going to estranged family members.
  • Ensure your heirs benefit from your estate.
  • Learn why planning for guardianship for yourself and minor children is crucial. OR Identify who will be the guardian for your minor children or yourself if you ever need one.
  • Have a plan in place for your welfare in case of incapacitation.
  • And more…

Learn Key Factors And Strategies To Help Guide Your Estate Planning

What Is Estate Planning?

Find out how to best distribute your assets according to your wishes and how an Estate Plan can help reduce taxes significantly. We also discuss the uncertainty surrounding estate taxes, how it could potentially impact an Estate Plan, and who should draw up the paperwork.
Transfer Process At Death

Learn the different methods and their pros and cons for transferring property and assets following death. We also share guidelines for selecting the people who will perform key roles in carrying out your Estate Plan such as an executor, personal representative, trustee, and guardian
Key Estate Settlement Facts

Your burning questions about estate settlement answered – including which basic assets are often overlooked, other possible benefits your heirs may receive, and more.
Determining Potential Estate Taxes

Get an overview of how the federal estate tax system works, how to compute for your estate tax exposure, and why you need to consider the rules in your state in order to avoid unexpected tax liability.
Estate Tax Saving Strategies

Find out which of your assets are subject to tax exemptions and reliefs, plus various estate planning techniques that can help minimize the impact of tax rule changes and maximize what goes to your heirs.
Implementing Your Estate Plan

Be guided by helpful tips for implementing your Estate Plan, read about case studies that illustrate how specific scenarios can be addressed, and identify which areas you need more information and assistance.
Drawing Up Your Will Or Living Trust

Learn which professionals can help you formulate an estate plan and why a competent attorney who specializes in estate matters is essential in drafting these documents.
Updating Your Estate Plan

Discover what changes in the estate text laws as well as other life changes can affect an established Estate Plan and why keeping an Estate Plan up-to-date is crucial for a smoother transfer process.

About The Author

Antoinette Bone

Antoinette Bone is many things to many people – among them a doting mother, a caring wife, a loving daughter, a service-oriented Air Force veteran, and a licensed attorney located in Euless, TX, in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

A strong advocate of having a plan in place for the inevitable eventuality, she leverages her legal expertise to help clients achieve peace of mind knowing their loved ones are taken care of with Estate Planning, provide guidance in the face of loss during the Probate process, as well as protect the rights of minors and the elderly through Elder Law and Guardianship.

Estate Planning helps your loved ones minimize or avoid going through a potentially complicated legal process to administer your estate on matters of Probate and inheritance – a process they will likely have to go through following an emotionally painful loss in the midst of grieving.

At the Law Office of Antoinette Bone, we understand that every Estate Plan is unique and should reflect a client’s particular needs and wishes. We believe that forming human connections is key to creating a customized Estate Plan that looks after the best interests of our clients and their families. Let your love transcend even the most permanent separation with an Estate Plan that’s right for you.

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