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What 2017 Has Brought for Seniors, Veterans and Persons with Disabilities

It has been a year packed with activity on the presidential and congressional level. We have seen proposed, amended and failed legislation, blocked executive orders, investigations, and charges of collusion on both sides. In this issue, we will summarize how developments from 2017 Continue reading

Postmortem Tasks

Many find themselves at a loss regarding taking care of a loved one’s legal and financial matters after death.  This article walks through the steps, including locating the loved one’s will or living trust document; conducting an inventory of assets and liabilities; and attending Continue reading

Estate Planning and Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a traumatic experience — not to mention a time-consuming and expensive one. So it’s no surprise that separating couples often overlook the impact of divorce on their estate plans. But neglecting to update a plan can lead to unintended consequences. This Continue reading

An Overview of Long Term Care Options

One of the greatest concerns for the elderly we serve and their families is that of long term care.  Two-thirds of seniors will need care at some point in their life and many have not planned for this likelihood.  It is an emotional and unpleasant topic to broach, but helping those Continue reading

More Lessons from Downton Abbey: What business owners can learn about succession planning

T.V. can be a wonderful medium for playing out common family dramas.  Downton Abbey has done it in spades.  This past season has been a great lesson on succession planning and how that plays out in the context of family relationships.

Downton Abbey: Real Life Lessons for Trust and Estate Continue reading

Estate Planning Red Flag: Healthcare Directive

A health care directive allows one to communicate their preferences, in advance, for medical care in the event they’re incapacitated. Directives go by different names, including living wills, advance medical directives and directives to physicians.

Estate Planning Red Flag

You haven’t Continue reading

Estate Planning Isn’t Just About Taxes

Last year the estate tax exemption amount was increased to $5 million (returns to $1 million in 2013 unless Congress acts sooner). If your net worth is under this threshold, you might be thinking you can put off estate planning. From a tax-planning perspective, the increased exemption Continue reading

7 Reasons to review your estate plan

You haven’t reviewed your estate plan since. . . . . ?

You need to update your plan if:

1. Your net worth or the value of certain assets substantially increases or decreases.

2. Your family circumstances change (for example, marriage, divorce, or birth of a child or grandchild).

3. Continue reading



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