Bone-afide Veterans News – Hospice for Veterans

The Veteran’s Administration provides hospice care to veterans. The VA can purchase hospice services from community providers, including hospice care provided at home or in an institution as an inpatient.


Hospice and palliative care is a covered benefit for all enrolled veterans, on par with all other medical services included in the Medical Benefits Package. VA offers to provide or purchase needed hospice and palliative care services for all enrolled veterans, whether these services are needed in an inpatient setting or in the home.


A veteran who is dually eligible for both VA care and Medicare may elect to have hospice services paid for under the Medicare Hospice Benefit. Veterans who choose Medicare retain their eligibility for VA care and benefits. NOTE: Veterans need to be notified that VA has no authority to pay for any balances or co-payments that may be due after Medicare or any other non-VA source makes payment for hospice care. 


  1. A veteran or, with the veteran’s authorization or approval, a surrogate or referring health care professional, may request that VA assess the veteran’s need for hospice services.
  2. The veteran is evaluated by VA health care professional(s) regarding hospice care, including patient and family values, goals of care, and the resources available to the veteran.
  3. If a community hospice referral is determined to be appropriate, the VA Community Health Nurse Coordinator, social worker, or other VA health care professional identifies and discusses with the veteran the options for care setting, certified agencies, and payer.
  4. The veteran is offered the choice among certified agencies and payers. NOTE: If there are no certified agencies that provide coverage to the area in which the veteran lives, then hospice care may be purchased from the agency deemed by VA to be the best option.
  5. If the veteran elects to receive hospice care through Medicare or another non-VA source, VA coordinates with the community hospice to ensure that the needed amount, duration and scope of services are delivered to the patient and family. The community hospice maintains clinical, financial and administrative responsibilities for all covered services and ensures that hospice staff meets regulatory qualification requirements. VA may purchase additional needed home care services that are beyond the scope of non-VA coverage. In such instances, VA is to obtain documentation from the agency defining the agency’s limitations and stating that the needed services are beyond their scope of coverage for all patients under their care.[1]


Dallas VA Medical Center and Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center in Bonham offer inpatient hospice units, as well as referral to community partners when Veterans desire to remain at home with their loved ones in familiar surroundings.


  • Dallas VAMC, Bldg 60, Rm 121 214-857-1710
  • Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center – Bonham
    Bldg 29, Rm A-1003A  903-583-6355

[1] VHA Handbook 1140.5

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